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Re-branding XarPixels To Xarcell Studios

When I started the XarPixels company last year on April 1st 2013, I had a few priorities in mind. Combine my Photography, Graphic/WebDesign, and Web Hosting businesses with websites into one business with one website to streamline the work-flow and assets. What most people didn't know was that all three companies were subsidiaries of Xarcell Studios, LLC. When I moved everything to XarPixels, I just let Xarcell Studios go.

Now I feel that was a mistake. I've had Xarcell Studios since 2005. What was I thinking? I had a history here and I just let it fall through the cracks. After my sudden epiphany, I've decided to re-brand XarPixels into Xarcell Studios. Although, like before Xarcell Studios will be about more than just photography, design, or hosting, but it will also be about business development. It will be offering the same great services at the prices you've been excited about, but in addition we are now offering help with business plans, business development, and more to come.

Some of you may be wondering "What's with this design & layout?". Well, to be honest I felt challenged. I wanted to do a dark theme that was easy to read. While most dark themes look great, they are actually hard to read and are not ideal for blogging. That was one hill I wanted to climb. I also wanted to create a fully horizontal layout(landscape), but with a vertical layout(portrait) fall back...sorta..., but not really. What I'm actually working on is what I call "Transversive Design", which is like responsive design, but in addition it's display's a vertical layout in portrait mode on mobile devices and a horizontal site when mobile devices are in landscape mode or over 960px in width on desktops. All without using javascript with just good ole natural CSS. While I've been told over and over and over again that true horizontal sites can't be done(meaning where you don't have to specify width or columns per page), this site us a testament that I have accomplished just that. The only downside is, it only works in modern browsers. Using javascript as a fallback I could offer support all the way back to IE8, but why? I reckon time will tell if I decide to go that route.

And yes, I'm still using Blogger. I still get comments like "Blogger is for amateur's, use Wordpress if you want to be more professional". I say use what works for you. With Blogger, I got Goggle's rock solid servers and ultra spam protection. As well as full integration into Google+, which is even better with my Google+ photos. Best of all it's free with very little maintenance from me. This allows me to spend my money & time elsewhere. Not to mention, that I'm a web designer so making a slick professional looking theme for Blogger is a breeze. In fact, I'm confident that if I removed the "powered by Blogger", most people wouldn't realize that I was using Blogger. I won't even go into how much I use Google Drive to power my business, so Blogger was the best choice for me. I think I'm gonna have to whip a separate article on the benefits of using Blogger sometime.

I can only hope that some of my clients can forgive my re-branding of my business yet again for the second year in a row. I can promise that this time it's here to stay. It will take me some time to re-populate the blog here. Especially since as of today getting on a plane to Vegas. I'm looking to get a few shots of it to add to my photography portfolio as well as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the Meteorite Impact Crater in Arizona. The hosting side of things will take probably until May to get everything fully switched over, but I'm giving all of my clients a free month of hosting that month for the inconvenience of having to update their name servers and the wait for it to re-populate globally. Nothing else in this aspect of the business will change, just the DNS.

I expect this to be a big year for Xarcell Studios, with lots of things to come. I'll post details in a few weeks...

P.S. I've removed all the old posts here that go back to 2005, except for the first post ever made here for historical purposes. Although, it has been edited to remove all the links to previous projects & businesses of mine(there were about 19).