Owned by Draven Xarcell Vestatt, this website is currently the keeper of his madness, and home to his portfolio of creations.

Xarcell Studio is the remnants of what it once was, Xarcell Studios, LLC. A company owned by Draven Xarcell Vestatt with 11 other hired independent contractors that offered services such as: Web Design, Web Hosting, Improved Search Engine Optimization, Business Branding/Identities, Business Planning, and Photography services.



Draven "Xarcell" Vestatt
Chief Executive Officer
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I appreciate organization, semantics, cleanliness, efficiency, proper etiquette, and enjoy the smell of freshly ground peppercorns. I am constantly driven by an unwanted urge to try and improve all things around me. It sometimes keeps me awake at night...

Christal "Qristhal" Vestatt
Chief Supporting Officer
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Powered by expresso, she is the wife of Draven Xarcell Vestatt and mother to his daughter. Originally from the Philippines, she practices the shaolin style of the culinary arts and maintains her own business. Don’t piss her off though, she has knives…

Lamora "Bitch" Vestatt
Chief Compliance Officer
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Currently on company probation for accepting kitty treats as bribes from the staff, she is in charge of Quality Control. She runs a strict operation with long hard stares, sharp pointy claws, and the occasional hiss. Also, she likes to lie about starving...


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After all this time, Xarcell has yet to catch me on his camera, so I would have to say I admire his photography skills...


Xarcell did a wonderful job helping us with our business plan to integrade our species into to the human society undetected.


The website that Xarcell designed for me was excellent! Maybe now I can be more convincing to others that I am actually real.

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

- Eleanor Roosevelt
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