1: Preamble

1.1: Definitions

1.1.1: The terms "WE", "US", or "OUR" represents Xarcell Studio and our affiliated third party. The terms "YOU" or "YOUR" represents you, the person that is viewing our website, or using products & services provided by Xarcell Studio.

1.2: Introduction

1.2.1: This privacy statement describes how WE collect and use personal information that YOU provide to US. It also describes the choices available to YOU regarding OUR use of YOUR personal information and how YOU can access and update this information.

1.3: Contact

1.3.1: At this time, WE may only be contacted through OUR eForm. Due to high volume, please allow at least 72 hours for a response.

2: Law

2.1: GDPR

2.1.1: WE respect the privacy rights under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information that GDPR requires that WE give, can be found throughout this legal document.

2.2: CCPA

2.2.1: WE respect the privacy rights under Regulation (CIV) TITLE 1.81.5, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Information that CCPA requires that WE give, can be found throughout this legal document.

2.3: Account/Content Control

2.3.1: For the ESTORE ACCOUNT:!/~/signIn
For ARTICLE COMMENTS: simply find YOUR comment on the blog post you want to delete, and click delete.

3: Third Party

3.1: Third Party Disclosure

3.1.1: WE use third-party services to exist & operate. Please take a moment to read each of the third-party privacy policies & terms. By using this site, YOU accept all terms, conditions, and agreements of said third-parties. If YOU do not accept any part of said third-party policies, YOU must exit this site immediately.

3.2: Third-Party List

3.2.1: Ecwid(embedded estore)
3.2.2: Paypal(payment processor)
3.2.3: Google Blogger(website)
3.2.4: Google Adsense(ads)
3.2.5: Google Adwords(ads)
3.2.6: Google Analytics(data mining)
3.2.7: Google YouTube(post content)

3.3: Third-Party Disclaimer

3.3.1: WE have no control over the privacy practices of said third-parties, and assumes no responsibility for them.

4: Tracking

4.1: Technologies

4.1.1: WE may use technologies such as Cookies, Web beacons, Logfiles, or Scripts to gather information about how YOU and others interact with OUR Website. For example, WE will know how many users access a specific areas, or features within OUR site, and which links or ads they clicked on. WE use this aggregated information to understand and optimize on how OUR site is used, improve OUR marketing efforts, and provide content and features that are of interest to YOU.

4.2: Ads

4.2.1: WE partner with a third party ad network to either display advertising on OUR Web site or to manage OUR advertising on other sites. OUR ad network partner uses Cookies and Web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information about YOUR activities on this and other websites, to provide YOU targeted advertising based upon YOUR interests.

5: Disclaimers

5.1: Articles

5.1.1: Opinions expressed are solely OUR own, and do not express the views or opinions of the comment authors. Also, OUR opinions are not a substitute for legal, professional, or expert advice.

5.2: Comments

5.2.1: The views expressed by comment authors are their own, and do not necessarily represent, or reflect the views of US. In addition, YOUR comments may be removed, andor YOU may be banned, andor reported to Google, which can lead to the suspension of YOUR Google account; If YOU post:
  • Content that violates state, or federal law.
  • Content that discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
  • Content that is libelous or that defames or threatens others.
  • Harassing statements.
  • Hate speech.
  • Content that is obscene.
  • Unauthorized copyrighted material or material that infringes on another's intellectual property.
  • Content that is confidential or subject to a non-disclosure agreement
  • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation.
  • Communications that could be confused with official communications from US, or another comment author.
  • Content that is otherwise offensive or objectionable.

5.3: Links

5.3.1: OUR website may contain links to other websites. These websites are not under OUR control and are not subject to OUR Privacy Policy & Terms. These websites will likely have their own Privacy Policy & Terms. WE have no responsibility for these websites and WE provide links to these websites solely for YOUR convenience. YOU acknowledge that YOUR use of, and access to these websites are solely at YOUR own risk. It is YOUR responsibility to check the Privacy Policy & Terms of these websites to see how they treat YOUR personal data.

5.4: Disclosure

5.4.1: WE may be legally required to disclose YOUR personal data if such disclosure is:
  • required by subpoena, law, or other legal process;
  • necessary to assist law enforcement officials or government enforcement agencies;
  • necessary to investigate violations of, or otherwise enforce OUR Privacy Policy & Terms;
  • necessary to protect US from legal action or claims from third parties, including YOU and/or other users or members;
  • necessary to protect the legal rights, personal/real property, or personal safety of OUR company, users, employees, and affiliates. 

5.5: Indemnification.

5.5.1: YOU agree to indemnify and hold US harmless, OUR employees, OUR licencors, OUR contractors, and third-parties from any andor all claims & expenses, including YOUR attorneys’ fees, arising out of YOUR use of OUR website, or OUR products, or OUR services, including; but not limited to: YOUR violation of this Agreement.

5.6: Jurisdiction

5.6.1: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with North Carolina state law and United States federal law. Any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of North Carolina.

5.7: Modification


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