Xarcell Studios Is Now Xarcell Studio, Without the S...

I changed xarcell Studios to Xarcell Studio, and did away with my WHMCS powered website with my traditional online business of: web hosting, web design, branding, and photography services. Xarcell Studio will become the overseer of my current projects, and personal blog.

This was a tough decision to make. I've had the company name "Xarcell Studios" since 2005. I also owned "xarcellstudios.com" and "xarcell-studios.com" during this time, and used them both to point to the same website. I preferred "xarcell-studios.com", as it looked better written down as a link, or on a business card, but some folks had a real hard time remembering to add the hyphen when typing in the URL or when telling someone else. So I also purchased "xarcellstudios.com" because it was easier to tell someone the web address without including the hypen, thus remedying the problem.

This kinda irked me a bit, keeping up with two domains for one website, but I accepted it as most folks do who own a successful website. However, recently I was going over new Top Level Domains(TLD) for my other subsideary companies when I noticed the TLD ".studio". This got me thinking about using the web address "xarcell.studio" instead of the two domains I was currently using.

Then I thought maybe it best to change the company name "Xarcell Studios", to "Xarcell Studio" so that the name of the company and web address would match exactly.  I was considering rebranding the company anyway(more on that in another post).

I considered all the pros and cons, so thus, it was done. I just hope you all can accept it. The older domains will now point to xarcell.studio until it expires in due time. Please remember to update any bookmarks you may have.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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