My Blogspot theme design for Cannon Memorial Masonic Lodge

The client needed a free blogging solution for the domain and so I recommended Google Blogger Blogspot over Wordpress. For those Wordpress lovers, I didn't recommend the free version of Wordpress because of it's limited branding options in it's free tier.

So "SixTwoSix" is a Blogspot theme that I made for "Cannon Memorial Masonic Lodge 626" that features fluid responsive design with page loader. It will look great on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This theme is exclusive to Cannon Memorial Masonic Lodge, and will be available to anyone else.

The client wanted a simple site that represents their fraternal order of freemasonry. To be made in the colors Blue, White, and Gold. I took an actual photo of their lodge meeting room to use as the header image, with a overlaid translucent marquee tagline or page titles, then added an open book SVG image to the bottom to represent the open holy book on their alter. I also made the search function a complete window modal overlay with a growing/shrinking effect. The site also featured a sticky header menu. In the header and menu, is the custom logo I had already designed.

The client needed it to look good WITHOUT featured images, because 99% of their posts would be made by email. Custom pages I made were the about page, ASK12B1 page, history page, and officers page that use Blogspot image widgets for easy management.

The client also needed a iCal calendar solution and combine it with this theme. Of course, I recommended Google Calendar and embedded it into it's own Calendar page. I actually used two embedded calendars to create to two different style effects, and some kinky CSS trickery to make it fluid responsive.

At the time of this post, the site has a GTMetrix pagespeed score of 95%
(all other websites average a pagespeed score: 73%), yslow score of 91% (all other websites average  a yslow score: 72%). Screenshot included as proof.

Imperfect Screenshots:


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