My version of the Declaration of Human Rights, first draft

I have read the Declaration of Human Rights many times, and it has always bothered me how long it is, and how it says "rights" in the title, mostly says what NOT to do. So I decided to see if I could write a modern, shorter, improved version.

This is my first draft, and may change in the future.
  1. Right To Assemblythe freedom for people to come together collectively; to express, promote, pursue, and defend their collective or shared ideas. To join or create, temporary or permanent, public or private communities; such as, but not limited to: forums, institutions, governments, peaceful protests, or peaceful parties.
  2. Right To Choosethe freedom to choose, such as; but not limited to: language, education, religion, association, recreation, marriage, political view, career, or not to work.
  3. Right To Defendthe freedom to defend, such as; but not limited to: theft or harm to personal property, family, community, or institution.
  4. Right To Dignitythe freedom to exist without oppression, legal protection from restraint, search, and seizure of person or personal property without a fair & unbiased legal process, or forced to make a decision while under duress, or allow defamation of character. To be free of torture, cruel, or inhuman punishment. To be free of arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile.
  5. Right To Expressionthe freedom to express, such as; but not limited to: an idea, opinion, or emotion; via: speech, writing, or by other artistic medium as long as it does not violate someone else's rights.
  6. Right To Equality: the freedom of being born free, as equals. Having the same human rights and expectations, regardless of: age, sex, gender, race, origin, education, career, religion, property, family, friends, associations, marital status, financial status, political status, or other status.
  7. Right To Guardianshipthe freedom to bear, adopt, or foster children; or seniors, or handicapped adults, or own pets; as long as you accept responsibility for them, to teach them to respect the rights of others, and how to take care of themselves. Also, the freedom to restrict, but not deny, their rights, for educational purposes, as disciplinary actions, or for their own health and safety.
  8. Right To Healththe freedom to avoid or receive protection from things harmful to one's health. To pursue or receive assistance with things beneficial to one's health; such as, but not limited to: rest, sleep, recess, sabbatical, vacation, recreation, entertainment, non-toxic nutritious food, exercise, work, hobbies, or education.
  9. Right To Justicethe freedom to pursue justice, to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a fair & unbiased legal process; or to charge a person(s) or institution with a violation of law; or sue a person(s) or institution for the compensation of damages caused to yourself or personal property.
  10. Right To Property: the freedom to own, or lease, yourself, tangible or intellectual things, or institution, that is gained from: creation, gift, inheritance, or trade.
  11. Right To Privacy: the freedom to live privately, to live unobserved, unsurveyed, undisturbed, or without intrusion within a private home or public sanctuary. To also keep information about a person's identity, ideas, opinions, interests, hobbies, finances, or health private; unless otherwise volunteered by the person in question.
  12. Right To Travel: the freedom of movement within the borders of their current territory, or visit, or move to another territory, if credentials required by that territory are met. To visit public places within the current territory without an invitation, or visit private places within the current territory with an invitation.


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