Why I've gone Google..., again!

I say again because I tried to switch to Apple, free & open source, then Microsoft, and now I've come back to Google. It has everything I need and want.

Google has the largest and most comprehensive ecosystem of all software/hardware businesses. Being a part of a solid ecosystem ensures better compatibility and intergration between apps. Not to mention a linear payment & purchase history. While Google isn't perfect, it provides the best overall value and convenience.
Just as a recap, here is a list of Google products & services that you can manage with a single Google account(I have/use almost all of these):
  • Google Blogger(Blogspot): used to build a FREE fully fledged customization blog or dynamic website.
  • Google Email(Gmail): considered by many to be the best email service around and it's FREE.
  • Google Calendar: used for managing schedules and important dates, such as: holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Most importantly you can share your calendar and it's FREE.
  • Google Drive: productivity software for online word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and storage that can be shared or collaborative editing since it's on the cloud. Also FREE, but you can buy more storage space for about $2 per 100GB.
  • Google Videos(YouTube): FREE to view and FREE to upload videos to your own channel. Use to promote your business or personal endeavors.
  • Google Photos: Free online photo albums with the ability to share some pictures while keeping others private.
  • Google Chrome: from the date of this post, the #1 browser and it's FREE.
  • Google Android: from the date of this post, the #1 mobile OS.
  • Google Search: from the date of this post, the #1 search engine and it's FREE.
  • Google Maps: from the date of this post, the #1 online map solution and it's FREE.
  • Google Adsense: from the date of this post, the #1 used Ad management system.
  • Google Analytics: from the date of this post, the #1 analytic's system that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic, traffic sources, measures conversions, and sales.
  • Google Movies: buy just about any movie you want and stream to watch it as often as you want.
  • Google Music: store up to 20,000 for FREE, and stream them as much as you like, or purchase more through the online store.
  • Google Books: purchase or manage the books you've read online and it even comes with a wishlist.
  • Google Business: connects your business to everything Google for a low fee, along with associate management of accounts.
  • Google Cloud: hosting services on the cloud powered by Googles own servers.
  • Google Domains: domain services by Google for your websites.
  • Google Pay: an app to send money, pay bills, or pay in store with your phone.
  • Google Stadia: streaming AAA gaming system that is an alternative to gaming consoles.
  • Google Home: a software hub for managing all your smart devices in your home with Google Assistant.
  • Google Nest: variety of smart devices for your home, such as: cameras, smoke alarms, termostats, etc...
  • Google Wifi: a mesh router device designed and built by Google.
  • Google Pixel: a flagship smartphone device designed and built by Google.
  • Google Slate: a flagship tablet to laptop convertible device designed and built by Google.
When you look at what everything Google has to offer, mostly free, and some services are insanely cheap, I find it hard as a small business owner not to go Google. They just deliver to me all the right tools for my personal life and business. If you want to know more about Google as a company, then read this Wikipedia Page.

With all these assets, you can really streamline your workflow and app management. This adds to your bottom-line by paying less out of pocket. Not to mention Google's rock solid servers and awesome spam protection. I'm not just listing Google services here, I actually use them.

Am I a Google Fanboy? I dunno. Maybe I am. Although, what I do know for sure is that Google has made my life a whole lot easier. 

FYI: Google did not pay me to write this article, nor did I receive any compensation from Google for it.


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