Gems of War: road to level 1000 guide

This guide is you get you to level 1000. Things really start getting fun at this level, but can take six months to a year to reach this level. You may think this would be difficult, but time flies when you're having fun. There are so many fun things to do, not to mention weekly events, you'll be there in no time. I've managed to make to level 1000 on Xbox One and on Android.

There is so much detail to this game, and it is updated so frequently, that it is not viable for me to write a complete guide on how to play the game. Rather, this is a guide to make your progress more time efficient, and make you a powerful player in the shortest amount of time possible.

Guilds: First Thing First…

After completing the tutorial, your first thing you should do is join an active guild that has minimum requirements. Minimum requirements may feel like a chore to you, but with everyone contributing, you'll reach your goals much faster. Join stronger, more active guilds as you grow.


Unlocking Kingdoms

Your gonna want to unlock kingdoms as quickly as possible, costing up to 4000 gold per kingdom. Wearing the Dragon or Deathknight armor speeds this up. Starting out, it is best to unlock certain kingdoms first. So from Broken Spire, work your way north to unlock Whitehelm and set it as your "home" kingdom. Then work you way further east to unlock the kingdom Forest Of Thorns and complete the quest line to unlock the troop Rowanne. Then, work your way southwest to unlock the following group of kingdoms: Karakoth, Divinion Fields, and complete their quest lines to unlock the Vault. From there, work your way north to Zaejin, and complete the quest line to unlock the Thief class. Then, work your way north to Urskaya, and complete the quest line to unlock the Sentinel class. Then, work your way southeast to unlock the following group of kingdoms: Grosh-Nak, Darkstone, Bright Forest, Blighted Lands, and complete their quest line to unlock the Soulforge. From there, work your way southwest to unlock the following group of kingdoms: Drifting Sands, Shentang and Suncrest, and complete their quest line to unlock the Dungeon. Finally, unlock the other kingdoms as you see fit.

Home Kingdom

You can choose any kingdom you've unlocked as your home kingdom for bonus tribute. The best kingdom to set your home to is Whitehelm for the Tribute Bonus Glory that it gives. More explained on Glory later in this article.

Leveling Kingdoms

You're gonna want to use gold to get all of your kingdoms to level 10 as soon as possible. This is more important than spending money on guild tasks. Wearing the Dragon or Deathknight armor speeds this up. At level ten, you get a skill bonus that applies to all of your troops when you use them. Different kingdoms offer one of the following skill bonuses: Magic, Attack, Life, or Armor. To get the best bonus value for your troops, you're gonna want to level up your Magic Bonus Kingdoms first, followed by Attack Bonus Kingdoms, Life Bonus Kingdoms, and then Armor Bonus Kingdoms; in that order.

Costs per level goes as follows:
  • Level 2: 500
  • Level 3: 1000
  • Level 4: 2000
  • Level 5: 4000
  • Level 6: 8000
  • Level 7: 15000
  • Level 8: 22000
  • Level 9: 30000
  • Level 10: 40000 
A total of 122500 gold needed per kingdom. At low levels this seems unrealistic, but once you get the hang of things, it is possible to level a kingdom to 10 within an hour, if you are using the right teams.

Kingdom Power Levels

Increasing your kingdom's power level will increase the bonuses that you receive per kingdom. Once you have leveled all your kingdoms to level ten, you're gonna want to gradually increase each kingdoms power level to a minimum of five. This is a slow process. To get the best bonus value for your troops, you're gonna want to increase the power level of your Magic Bonus Kingdoms first, followed by Attack Bonus Kingdoms, Life Bonus Kingdoms, and then Armor Bonus Kingdoms; in that order.

Team Building

At lower levels(under 300), you're gonna need four main teams. A Gold Farming Team, Soul Farming Team, Traitstone Farming Team, and Class Farming Team.

Gold Team For Gold Farming

The best Gold Farming Team you can build at the time of this article, assuming you unlock all traits is: Cedric Sparklesack, Skeleton Key, Egg Thief, and Greed with Thief Class and Hunter Banner. This is the best all around team, including for PVP, Dungeon, and Adventure Board..

Greed and Egg Thief generate a majority of your gold. Cedric Sparklesack doubles the amount of gold you can get. The hero weapon Skeleton Key, which you get after 250 wins with the Thief Class, has its damage boosted by the amount of gold collected. It usually results in one shot kills.

The only thing difficult about building this team is getting Cedric Sparklesack. The only way to get this troop is to win it with a Vault Key. The most common & easiest way to get a Vault Key is with your guild completing weekly events.

Soul Team For Soul Farming

There are a variety of teams for Soul Farming. The easiest build is Anu Scepter(hero weapon) with Sorcerer class, Warlock, Warlock, and Valkyrie. With this build, you should cast Valkyrie as many times as possible until you have gotten max souls for the match(indicator at the top of the board). Once you have gotten max souls, go ahead and win or lose the match. You get the souls whether you win or lose.

A stronger & faster build is: Anu Scepter(hero weapon) with Sorcerer class, The Soul Dragon, Aziris, and Aziris. This build works just like the first one, except The Soul Dragon collects more souls while dealing more damage, which allows you to generate more souls per hour of play.

Explore Team For Traitstone Farming

To explore levels 1 & 2, just use the Class Team(see below). For harder Explore levels, up to level 12, use: Leprechaun, Shield of Urskaya, Rowanne, and Harpy Mage with Sentinel Class.

Rowanne is gotten by completing Forest Of Thorns quest line. Shield Of Urskaya can be gained after winning 250 battles with Sentinel Class. Harpy Mage is from Stonesong Eyrie in Delves.

Class Team For Talent Farming

You will need a team for getting wins that unlock class talents. The best for this is: Anu's Scepter, Sunbird, Fire Bomb, and Fire Bomb, with the Class you are trying to build up. Play explore on level 1 to win matches quickly, which unlock your class talents fast.

Sunbird & Firebomb are collected from using Gem, Glory, & Gold keys. If you are having trouble getting these troops from chests(Sunbird), you can always get the troop by using summoning stones if available. Check the Soul Forge every week until it is available to be summoned and then take your chances there.


There are 3 armors to take into consideration. Celestial armor(collects 100% souls, 50% gold, 50% XP), Dragon Armor(50% souls, 100% gold, 50% XP) , and Deathknight armor(100% souls, 100% gold, and 100% XP). The Deathknight armor gives you a maximum bonus for everything, but can only be purchased with real money($50). If you don't want to spend real money on the Deathknight Armor(which I don't blame you), then that leaves you with Celestial armor and Dragon armor. I recommend saving all your gems and purchasing the Dragon armor for 500 first. Do not spend any of your gems until you have gotten the Dragon armor(unless you bought the Deathknight armor). This will help you unlock all your kingdoms and level them up to 10 as quickly as possible. Afterwards, get the Celestial armor to help you level up troops.

Weapons & Mana Mastery

At lower levels you are going to want to unlock these weapons as soon as possible: Anu's Scepter, Mountain Crusher, and Mang. They are unlocked by reaching certain mana masteries. These mana masteries are leveled up at each level depending on what you choose.
  1. Anu's Scepter: is needed for the recommended basic team builds. This weapon is unlocked after reaching 16 Blue Mana Mastery.
  2. Mountain Crusher: is needed mostly for events. This weapon is unlocked after reaching 17 Brown Mana Mastery.
  3. Mang: is needed for events as well. This weapon is unlocked after reaching 23 Red & Brown Mana Masteries.
So you need to push Blue, Brown, Red when leveling up; in that order, as often as you can until you have all three of those weapons. Afterwards, just start balancing the rest of your masteries out the rest of your career.

There are weapons that can be purchased with gems at events. If you are in a good guild that completes all 12 blue tasks weekly, you should have no problem purchasing every weapon from every event with those gems.

In order for your weapons to get the biggest bang for the buck, they need to be upgraded. This is done by using ingots. The best way to get Legendary & Mythic ingots is by doing Delves(see below).

Other hard to get awesome weapons to look out for on your journey are: Earth's Fury, Rope Dart, Life & Death, and many more. Far too many to mention them all, but these are just my top 3 recommendations that can only be gotten through events or flash sales.

Collecting Troops

Common, Rare, & Ultra Rare troops are fairly easy to come by. You'll get plenty of these as your progress through the game. The problem troops are Epic, Legendary, and Mythic troops. The best way to get Epic troops is by completing the quest line of kingdoms, purchasing the weekly glory troop, and using summoning stones. The best way to get Legendary & Mythic troops is by forging them in the SoulForge. If you are below level 600, I recommend forging Legendary Troops before Mythic Troops in the Soulforge, at least until you get about a dozen or so good teams to do events with. You can forge 4 Legendary Troops for each Mythic Troops, So Legendary Troops being the better value or biggest bang for your diamonds. Heck, I consider some Legendary Troops to be as good as a Mythic Troops, and some Mythic Troops worse then some Legendary Troops.

Ascending Troops

Ascending your troops will take a looong time. The hardest types of troops to level up are Epic troops. Keep checking the SoulForge weekly and use summoning stones to speed this up. Another tip is to always save & use Minor Orbs of Ascension for Legendaries only.

Leveling Troops

Pretty straight forward. Level up the troops you use in your teams first, then troops in kingdoms in which you are trying to increase its power level second, and event troops third. Otherwise, save your souls, and don't waste them on leveling up troops you're not using until your a high level.

Using Orbs On Troops

A good strategy here is to save Major Orbs Of Growth/Ascension/Wisdom on Mythics and maybe Legendaries if you have the extra orbs. Use Minor Orbs of Ascension only on Legendary Troops. Use all other Minor Orbs as you see fit.

Delve Troops

There are certain troops I recommend going for first. This means you have to use your Chaos Shards in certain kingdoms, because only these certain troops are only available in certain underworld kingdoms. First: Amanithrax, aim to collect two King Gobtruffles. Second: Stonesong Eyrie, aim to collect Harpy Mage. Then collect the rest as you see fit.

The Dungeon

I recommend playing the Dungeon everyday at minimum, as well as purchasing the Dungeon daily offer: Gem Bounty; for 50 Gems. By doing this, you can earn enough diamonds to forge a Legendary troop weekly, or a Mythic troop monthly, assuming you are in a good guild.

The Soulforge

In the beginning, you have to level up the Soulforge which unlock forging abilities, by collecting souls. Or you can unlock the levels by spending gems, which I don't recommend. Just be patient and collect the souls required per level. You have to keep checking this, because you have to manually level up the Soulforge. If you only need 100 souls to make the next level, but if you forget to manually level up the Soulforge, all the souls you collect past 100 would not be credited.

The Arena

When you first join a guild, it will most likely have weekly trophy requirements. The easiest way to get these trophies at low levels is through the arena, not PVP. It is also a good way to get souls if you are wearing the right armor. Playing the arena takes experience with troops to get good at it. In the meantime, just follow these simple strategies: select troops that do damage, try to select troops that use different color mana from the previously selected. Select your weapon based on low mana cost and a color of mana your selected troops are not using. Keep your hero in the first slot, because it will be the strongest.

With the new update, everything now earns you trophies. So just play whatever works best for you. Arena is no longer necessary, but still great for generating gold & souls.


This mode is hard in my opinion. I recommend avoiding this mode until you get the Gold Team built, mentioned previously in this article. Once you have a team strong enough to make it to Tier 1, the ingot rewards make it worthwhile though. Not to mention it helps you earn seals for your weekly guild requirements.

With the new update, this isn't really worthwhile anymore.

The Underworld

Delving is tricky, and more complicated than it needs to be. There is a strategy though, the get the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. Spend treasure earned to increase Horde Level to maximum level of 10 in the City Of Thieves kingdom first. Note, that treasure spent increases "chance to increase", not automatically increase it. Combine your treasures wisely, to get the 100% chance to increase Horde Level until it is maxed out at 10. From this point, you can start spending your treasure on other underworld kingdoms.

The trick here is to keep City of Thieves kingdom at difficulty level 20. Be sure to skip this kingdom faction event when it comes up, or you will accidentally level it up. The reason for doing this is, you only have to go through 3 battles before facing the Boss, and claim your rewards. With the horde quality level being maxed out at ten, you get pretty decent rewards quickly. Now you can delve daily, and quickly.

The best team for beating City Of Thieves on difficulty level 20 is: Mountain Crusher, Sunbird, Rowanne, Leprechaun with Sentinel Class.

Adventure Board

This is an event that changes daily. Doing all three activities is not necessary depending on your needs, but the things to really look out far are Deeds(must have), Diamonds, Shards, Gems, and Gold(if low level). Otherwise, time spent here may not be worthwhile. It's really up to you.

Daily Events

As mentioned already: Dungeon, Delves, and Adventure Board should be done daily, aside from other things.

Weekly Events

These events are usually done together as a guild. It takes everybody contributing to earn the rewards, which offer some of the best value in the game. Getting all the rewards drastically increases your improvement rate.

Spending Real Money

I see this question alot, "I want to support the development of the game, what should I buy?". Well, it depends. Starting out, at low levels, I recommend getting the "Gold Subscription" for $20. This item gives you 40000 gold daily for the next 15 days. Use this gold to unlock and level up your kingdoms with the quickness. Once your kingdoms are all level 10, I recommend purchasing the Dungeon Offer: Daily Deal for $5, but only on Sundays. This item gives you a bonus of 150 diamonds to use towards forging new troops. Purchasing this $5 item every Sunday of the month comes out to about $20 a month. If you don't mind spending more than that monthly, then look at purchasing the Gem Subscription to help with events. This item costs $5 and gives you 15 gems a day for 15 days. There are also flash items, but the only flash items that are worth it are the $5 ones for certain weapons. Everything else is really up to you, it's just a matter of opinion.

Important Side Note

You have to realize that this game is about Teams, not individual Troops or Classes. The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be. If you’re focusing on a single Class, Weapon, Troop, or Troop Type, then you’re not going to get very far.

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